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Chapel of the 318 Holy Fathers

Located in the southwest of the community is the chapel of the 318 Holy Fathers, which has been restored by the Department of Antiquities and was declared a monument. What is also noteworthy is that old frescos are preserved on its internal walls. 

In particular, the chapel is actually a cave carved in a rock, where there is also a tomb in which the bones of the Saints are placed. The rest of the place is covered with frescos. The chapel celebrates on the 5th Sunday after the Resurrection of Christ. What is more, there is a doxology on every Monday of Easter at the cave area. In the old times, the cave constituted a place of submission with many worshippers gathering from the neighbouring villages. 

According to tradition, the fathers of the 4th Ecumenical Council, while leaving from Asia Minor sailing in the waters of Cyprus, were drifted to the bay of Pissouri by a big storm. Tradition has it that while going to shore it was too dark forcing them to comment that it was “Pissouri” dark (pissouri- dark in Greek-Cypriot Dialect means extremely dark). In fact, the village’s name, Pissouri, originates from these comments. Next, they headed towards inland and reached the next community. There, they heard the first cockcrow of the rooster (alector in Greek) and therefore the community was named Alectora. Continuing their course, they reached the next community where they established a monastery. The Mission was headed by an Archimandrite and it is to this rank of the church that our village owes its name.

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